About The App

Meeting People is Easy with iSee360


iSee360 is a social and business networking application that makes connecting with people  easy, wherever you go. Giving you access to profiles of the other users in your immediate environment, iSee360 allows you to select and invite individuals that you would like to interact or meet face to face with. iSee360 also offers the option to make your presence known, enabling people to reach out to you.


Utilizing Facebook's user base to connect people instantly, iSee360 is the next wave in the evolution of social media. iSee360 not only allows you to connect with people that you already know, it also facilitates meeting other iSee360 users within a 250 foot radius. Using your geographic location in real time, iSee360 is a mobile-based networking platform that is available for both Android and iPhone.


For Business or Personal Uses


iSee360 offers distinct profile interfaces that are uniquely designed for either business or social purposes. With two separate profiles, iSee360 gives you the freedom to choose which type of contacts you would like to connect with at any given time. Profiles display relevant information about users, and provide the option for users to display links to their other social networking sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Making it possible to identify nearby users in your business industry or field, iSee360 allows you to seize opportunities to meet with potential clients and colleagues. iSee360 also provides significant promotions value by putting your contact information in the hands of business prospects. Connecting businesses like never before, iSee360 is increasing the efficiency with which results can be achieved.


Provides Freedom and Control


iSee360 gives users the freedom to decide when and how they want to interact with others. Users always have the option to choose whether to accept or decline requests to connect from other users. When a request has been accepted, users can decided to meet in person, or continue to communicate through iSee360 or Facebook. A comprehensive networking solution, iSee 360 does not use 3rd party sites to establish new contacts.


iSee 360 also offers a visibility feature that enables users to make their profile invisible when they are not interested in being seen or contacted. This ensures that your privacy will not be interrupted at inconvenient times. iSee 360 also includes a variety of other features that give you control over how you use the app, and makes it easy to manage your contacts, view notifications, browse message logs, and much more!


We are located in California.


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